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    Creativity-led. Community-led. Drawing on the DNA of the neighbourhood, we create welcoming places for people.
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    We design policy as well as buildings. Inspired by our founder’s work at CABE, our thinking advances best practice.
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    We manage complexity. With carefully crafted architecture, we turn challenging sites into buildings with a distinct identity.

Mae News

John Morden Centre Project Update

The John Morden Centre is under construction and is progressing nicely. We are using cross laminated timber, a sustainable building material which also creates an extremely solid support structure for the project.

David Rutherford-Jones, Chairman of Morden College said "the structure is amazing, beyond what my personal high expectations of this building are. Spacious, quirky. It will when finished be simply fabulous. The opportunity the John Morden Centre affords the Charity, and our beneficiaries, are phenomenal. We are limited in this only by our own imagination, energy and determination to succeed."

September 2019
190910 Ajaawards Blwfinalist

Brentford Lock West shortlisted for the Architects' Journal Architecture Awards Project Update

Brentford Lock West has been shortlisted for AJ Architecture Awards in the Housing Project category.

In addition to stand-out design, the judges will consider each project in detail – such as how it has met or exceeded the brief, how it has promoted client or community engagement, and how it has excelled in the use of space or sense of place.

The winners will be revealed at an exclusive gala dinner.

September 2019 Read more
190910 Derbent Masterplan Saved For Web

Mæ selected as a finalist for the Derbent Masterplan international competition Practice News

We have been shortlisted following an international competition for the development of a masterplan and concept for Derbent Urban District, Republic of Dagestan (Russian Federation).

Derbent is the centre of a region of the same name and is one of the oldest towns in the Russian Federation, situated on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. In 2003, the historic centre of Derbent was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

'An important factor [in the masterplan design and subsequent development] will be working with the community, a significant and necessary aspect of our work. We should not simply approach the people with a design already prepared and present it to them [...] We will communicate with the residents of Derbent, explain every step and agree it with the people.' Nezir Guseynov, Chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the Republic of Dagestan (Russian Federation).

September 2019 Read more
191024 Sands End Saved For Web Site Update

Sands End Arts and Community Centre Project Update

Sands End Arts and Community Centre is progressing at pace with the cross laminated timber structure well under way towards completion. The scheme will provide spaces for art exhibitions and community events with an ancillary café and children’s day nursery. Modern and sustainable methods of construction are being used throughout the project including an innovative new recycled brick made from waste.

September 2019 View Project
190902 Riba Defining Contemporary Professionalism

Alex Ely contributes to RIBA publication 'Defining Contemporary Professionalism: For Architects in Practice and Education' edited by Alan Jones and Rob Hyde Research News

Alex Ely has contributed to the RIBA publication 'Defining Contemporary Professionalism: For Architects in Practice and Education' edited by Alan Jones and Rob Hyde.

The essay looks at the importance of team work within creative processes and the architectural profession.

'We are taught [as architecture students], possibly inappropriately, that architecture is a solitary pursuit...However, the complexity of the challenges we face today are, I believe, best solved through an open and collaborative creative process.'

The publication is available to purchase from RIBA bookshops.

September 2019 Read more
280819 Agar Grove Site Update

Agar Grove Phase 1b Project Update

Agar Grove Phase 1b has topped out and construction of the super-insulated, airtight building envelope is now underway. The scheme is designed to Passivhaus standard and Phase 1b will deliver 57 homes of mixed tenure and feature split level apartments, family duplexes and lateral dual aspect apartments. Meanwhile we are progressing detailed design of Phase 1c, which will commence on site early next year. Agar Grove Estate is the UK's largest Passivhaus scheme.

August 2019
191024 Royal Wharf Site Update Saved For Web

Royal Wharf Project Update

Royal Wharf is currently at RIBA Stage 5 and is onsite making good progress. The tripartite precast masonry façade is textured oyster shells discovered when excavating the walls of the nearby docks. The façade is designed with scalloped details to add character and also has a gradual change in colour from dark to light evoking the tide and the sediment of the site.

July 2019 View Project
190726 Kersfield Planning Permission

Mæ granted planning consent for Kersfield Estate Project Update

Kersfield housing project for London Borough of Wandsworth has received a unanimous vote of approval from the planning committee.

Kersfield Estate creates 41 new homes and a communal gardens for existing and new residents, providing much needed homes for the local community. It is an example of how infill housing can be used to create new homes for Londoners.

July 2019
Brentford Lock West Keelson Gardens Neave Brown Award

Brentford Lock West Keelson Gardens shortlisted for the RIBA Neave Brown Award for Housing Project Update

Brentford Lock West Keelson Gardens has been shortlisted for the RIBA's Neave Brown Award for Housing.

This is the first year that the award has been given and is named in honour of the late Neave Brown (1929 – 2018). Neave Brown was a socially-motivated, modernist architect who was awarded the UK’s highest honour for architecture, the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture.

Brentford Lock West consists of the award-winning Block E and Block F (Keelson Gardens) and creates a sustainable people centred community, promoting walking and cycling through the urban form and a network of shared surface streets. A rich variety of public spaces are all designed to promote social interaction while providing quiet places for residents to relax and reconnect with nature.

RIBA judges commented that 'overall, this is a high quality work of architecture, landscaping and residential environment achieved for a modest budget.'

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in October.

July 2019 Read more

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