Oslo Architecture Triennale

Oslo Architecture Triennale

Date: 2019

Degrowth Degustation

For the past few weeks the Londonon team have been busy researching, writing, collecting, sharing and making - tirelessly working towards the assembly of Degrowth Degustation, a publication which forms our contribution to the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennial.

Londonon is a collaborative rolling research programme comprising 6 London-based architecture practices - Coffey Architects, Gort Scott, Haptic, Mæ, Morris and Company and Turner Works.

190925 London On1
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The theme of this year's Oslo triennale is degrowth: a philosophical, economic and political movement offering and encouraging different ways of thinking and the exploration of alternative strategies of economy than those dependent on consumerism and capitalism.

We have used food as a starting point for our research, and in particular onion soup as a scaled down metaphor through which we explore the processes involved in making buildings - namely production, transportation, preparation (or assembly), consumption (or use) and waste.

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We believe that in raising our awareness to alternative processes we will embed these principles in our design methodology - and from the outset increase our ambitions in imagining architecture which innovates and responds to the sustainability challenges of the future.

The Degrowth Degustation publication was transported from London to Oslo by train so as to lower the carbon footprint of our contribution to the exhibition.

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