From City to Room, A manifesto for better living

From City to Room, A manifesto for better living

Date: December 2019

Mæ have published a research and practice book representing the importance of integrated thinking in solving today's urban, social and environmental challenges.

'Decades of underprovision, combined with unprecedented population growth, mean that supply is low but need is growing, whilst the pressure of climate change mean sustainability is no longer an add-on but the starting point for any discussion about how, where and what we build. Buildings have to work more efficiently than ever before, both in terms of their uses and the resources they use.

So how do we overcome these challenges, and what can we do to give people the homes, building, neighbourhoods and cities they deserve?

Consistently we find that success, when looked at on a macro or micro scale, can be achieved by overcoming challenges with social, sustainable and spatial solutions, all of which we promote in our design work for clients and in our policy work for government.'

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