Meridian Water Masterplan

Meridian Water Masterplan

Meridian Water Masterplan

  • Location: Enfield, London
  • Client: London Borough of Enfield
  • Date: 2019 - ongoing
  • Value: £6bn

Meridian Water is the largest regeneration priority area identified in London Borough of Enfield covering 82 hectares of brownfield, retail and industrial land within the Lee Valley National Park.

Enfield Council have set ambitious targets for the development which will create a new town centre, 10,000 new homes with a minimum of 40% affordable provision, as well as over 4000 new jobs across a broad range of industries over the next 30 years.

Aerial CGI: Kjellander Sjöberg & A2 Studio / CGI right: Mæ &Picture Plane

2007 N11 Maeweb
2007 N13 Maeweb

Mæ are appointed as Masterplan Architect, working alongside Kjellander Sjöberg Architects and Periscope, to create a placemaking vision and urban framework. Our partner Jacobs are designing the infrastructure and we have worked closely with Useful Projects to establish an Environmental Sustainability Strategy to ensure the scheme excels in its environmental ambitions.

We are also appointed to write the Meridian Water Design Guide SPD, which sets out a series of principles and design codes to ensure a high quality development is achieved.

With attractive new homes, world class public spaces and community facilities and a brand-new railway station, the vision for Meridian Water is based around three placemaking pillars: mixing uses and animating streets; park life at your doorstep; your place to make and create. Our masterplan strategy creates a series of micro-neighbourhoods; each of a different character, that respond to their setting and mix of programme.

The Council’s declaration of a climate emergency and commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030 means that sustainability is at the heart of the Meridian Water development.

The challenge of developing Meridian Water will be to provide a variety of successful high-quality neighbourhoods for different needs including living, working, learning, leisure and play.

All proposals are structured around a progressive approach to protecting the natural environment, with low carbon, circular economy, biodiversity, enhancement of waterways, parkland and the provision of exceptional new open spaces that connect the site to the Lee Valley National Park as a central focus.

CGI above and right: Mæ& Picture Plane

2007 Maeweb
2007 N4 Maeweb

The industrial and post-industrial nature of the site has left a fragmented landscape with little in the way of an existing urban fabric. Large expanses of carpark, areas of cleared brownfield land, warehouses, working yards and large-scale retail dominate. Layered upon this is a network of canals and waterways which provide some relief and opportunity to connect with nature.

The new area of London created will build upon the unique assets of the waterways and surrounding green spaces to make a place that is sustainable, high quality, and enjoyable for all members of the community to live life in.

CGI left: Periscope & MIR

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