Lift Up House

Lift Up House

  • Location: Hoxton Street, London
  • Client: Mr & Mrs G Rowland
  • Date: 2004 – 2006
  • Value: £220,000

Lift-up house was identified by Stephen Bayley in the Independent as being one of the “50 great ideas for the 21st century” (The Independent on Sunday, 6th August 2006).

Lift-Up House 03
Lift-Up House 04

The project is a new 100sq.m two-bed apartment on the roof of an industrial building in Hoxton, London. The client has his offices in the building and wanted an apartment above.

We consider it a contemporary interpretation of the weavers’ lofts that are very evident in the area. On the street side it is set back behind a parapet and to the other side it cantilevers over a courtyard. It is a simple pavilion of classical proportions.

The design plays with light and transparency by using a skin of Reglit U-profile glass that is sometimes opaque with wall behind, sometimes translucent and sometimes punched for windows. A translucent glass screen over the sliding door can be closed at night for increasing privacy.

Lift-Up House 02
Lift-Up House 05