Derbent Masterplan

Derbent Masterplan

  • Location: Dagestan, Russia
  • Date: 2019 - ongoing

We have been selected for the remasterplan of Derbent in Russia, Dagestan's second largest city and one of the oldest cities in Russia.

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Our multi-disciplinary and international team were chosen from 144 applications, and our winning strategy is aimed at building in resilience; addressing a lack of housing, education and cultural infrastructure and creating economic opportunity.

Based on the guiding principle of a vibrant city, we have developed a forward looking vision for Derbent which respects the unique identity and qualities of the city.

Derbent is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, at the foothills of the Tabasaran Mountains of the Greater Caucasus. The historic city centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its citadel, ancient town, and fortress buildings.

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Mæ were also shortlisted for the best architectural and urban planning concepts for the integrated development of Saratov's city centre, including the grounds of the former airport Saratov-Central, Green Island, Park Pobedy and Pokrovskie Peski Island.

Saratov is located in the southeast of the European part of Russia, connected to the city of Engels by Saratov Bridge.

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