Bromley North Station Road

Bromley North Station Road

  • Location: London Borough of Bromley
  • Client: Bromley Council
  • Date: 2021-ongoing
  • Value: Not available

Mæ are developing designs for a new housing development in Bromley North on behalf of Bromley Council, as they seek to bring forward much needed housing. The proposal will be for 75 unit housing scheme with small commercial units on the ground floor. The units are split across two blocks, one affordable and one market sale, which are both similar in scale and massing.

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The site sits between two distinct architectural conditions: that of the urban town centre and the domestic edge of nearby residential streets. The proposal seeks to mediate between these two contrasting scales and expressions and complete the residential street for the first time in the site’s history.

The developing scheme will not only make a meaningful contribution to the borough’s projected housing needs but improve the wellbeing and amenity of local residents. New homes will be spatially generous with good aspect and private outdoor space.

A new neighbourhood square, which sits between the two blocks, offers a chance for rest and play and opens up connections between the town centre and the local neighbourhood, where the car park once formed a barrier. Collectively, the biodiverse planting within the central area, biodiverse roofs of the blocks with their air source heat pumps, efficient building form, increased fabric performance and car-light development, make for a sustainable and welcoming addition to Bromley.

Bromley Council welcomes your views on the scheme, prior to consideration of the planning application, please contact Bromley Council’s Regeneration Department at

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Typical floor plan of one of the blocks