ACAVA Artist studios

ACAVA Artist studios

  • Location: Interstitial Sites in London
  • Client: Association for Cultural Advancement Through Visual Art
  • Date: 2005
  • Value: £40,000 per Module

The mobile studios provide temporary space for artists. Our client ACAVA is a leading visual arts and education association. The scheme aims to find alternative solutions to artists’ studios in a market where competition for warehouse and industrial buildings make conventional options unaffordable.

ACAVA Artist studios 05
ACAVA Artist studios 03
ACAVA Artist studios 02

The mobile solutions can be deployed for a variety of situations: studio, exhibition or education spaces. Their modular plan allows numerous site and studio configurations. The roof module can form skylights, canopies or site hoarding.

The iconic structures are intended to be easily recognisable, practical and accessible. On wasted sites in neighbourhoods the studios themselves will act as a focus for publicity campaigns, intended to foster public engagement with artistic production, exhibitions and local art activities.

The structures would temporarily occupy brownfield and unused sites. The lightweight, flexible structures can be contractor made or self built by the artists themselves from a kit of parts.

ACAVA Artist studios 04
ACAVA Artist studios 06